Retail industry always needs to be prepared for handling a huge amount of customers efficiently. IRS Software is able to make things easier for you with our POS System. For many retail outlets in Malaysia, the situation can get quite messy and disorganized during busy periods, especially when festive seasons are near. These are the times where you’ll want to make sure your POS System is stable and smooth with minimal disruptions. IRS Point of Sale System makes the process easy by facilitating customer checkouts with flexibility. 

Discounted items can be easily entered into the system without much trouble; coupon and voucher codes can be keyed in immediately as well; membership card program can apply for your loyal customer. This helps to save the customers’ and employees’ time during purchases. It also ensures that your customers won’t run out of patience while making payment and it is a long run plan to retaining customer loyalty.

IRS POS System quickens the checkout process while enabling you to run your business more effectively from the back office as well. This includes inventory management system, invoice, quotation, sales report, commision, multistore system, stock alert and etc. With IRS POS System, your Point of Sale and back office management in Malaysia will be simple and effective. A good POS system provides customer satisfaction, and customer satisfaction will ideally lead to business growth.

Point of Sale Software

Retail industry always needs to be prepared for handling a huge amount of customers efficiently. IRS Point of Sales Software will help you to do this by facilitating customer checkouts and helping your business to manage huge inventory. IRS Point of Sale Software helps you track and maintain your entire business inventory effectively. With IRS POS System, your back office management will be simple and effective just like our slogan- Ease your BUSINESS, Ease your LIFE.

Network License

Access to IRS Server through the networking to update the data and generate the reports.

Two type Network Connection

1. Online Client (direct network connect)

2. Offline Client (sync data connection)

Multi-Store Software

IRS Multi-Store is a program that permits branches to send their transactions (sales, customers, inventory, vendor data & etc) to Head Office for consolidation. IRS Multi-Store uses the internet for communication, making it inexpensive to operate. All branches’s data will be transmitted to head office every minute for consolidate. (it mean user can view almost real time report for all branches.)

IRS F&B System Software

Restaurant POS System

IRS Restaurant POS System provides a perfect solution for the F&B industry, as we develop a system to help you manage your table plan, inventory, sales, customers, suppliers, reports, staff and etc. IRS Restaurant POS Software is easy to use, so your staff can be trained up in minutes. The software also enables stocks to be tracked down to the nearest measure. Keep track of your daily transactions with the POS system software, without having to worry about manually calculating the cash and items sold for the day. IRS guarantees efficient POS system software to assist in your F&B business, ensuring that everything goes smooth.

eMenu Self-Ordering

Self-Ordering is a new trend and unavoidable wave of changes in F&B industry. IRS eMenu is a Digital Menu allows your customer to immediately view the menu on their own smart device and to place order by themselves. If you’re operating a restaurant outlet, you’ll know how hard it is to take orders, prepare food and manage payment in an efficient manner. In that case, an online POS system can really make a big difference to your business. IRS Software offers POS system in Malaysia for all kinds of clients in the F&B business. An online POS system simplifies daily operations at your restaurant outlet. 

It’s even better when you have an e-menu online POS system, where customers can order food on their own. This eliminates one of the waiter’s tasks, hence they can focus more on other tasks such as serving and checking orders. Instead of a traditional menu, the electronic POS system showcases pictures of every item, which lets customers know what to expect while encouraging them to order more.

Additionally, mistakes such as mishearing, which may occur during the order process, can be eliminated as well. Then, no staff would be blamed for any wrong orders. Plus, self-ordering with the POS system also saves ordering time. Sending orders via the internet will be faster than the waiter bringing customers’ orders to the kitchen. IRS Software is one of the top suppliers of Restaurant POS systems in Malaysia, so please contact us if you’re interested in making a purchase.